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ENLIVEN Your Inner Core with Sanskrit

At the heart of yoga for 5,000 years, it's time you experience the power of Sanskrit. As you intone its 50 syllables, you'll enliven, awaken, and strengthen your inner core, making your body, mind, and spirit fir for the higher stages of yoga. Learn Sanskrit in Sanskrit.

ENRICH Your Yoga Practice with Sanskrit

Move beyond the mistaken notion that Sanskrit is a dead, classical language requiring a long and painful commitment to learn. In a short time, you'll easily pronounce the names for the yoga poses, increase the depth of your breath, and cultivate new pathways for the flow of prana (life force) with the vibrations of Sanskrit. Understand the real value and purpose of the Yoga Sutras within the practice of yoga.

ENLIGHTEN Mind, Body and Spirit with Sanskrit

Yoga is not just a physical exercise. It achieves profound expansion of the mind and spirit through the technology of Sanskrit as sacred sound. The practice of Sanskrit recitation:

  • Increases Mental Alertness
  • Sensitizes Emotional Awareness
  • Enables Effortless Silent Meditation
  • Sonically Aligns Yoga Poses, Stimulation Nadis, Marmanis and Chakras

The Sanskrit For Yoga™ Difference

No Other Sanskrit programs available today offer instruction in this essential compnent of your yoga practice and teaching as the programs of Sanskrit for Yoga™. Most current available Sanskrit home-study programs burden you with academic rules of grammar and translation, these completely miss the true purpose and power of how Sanskrit functions and why it is so integral to Yoga.

Sanskrit for Yoga™ programs directly immerse you in the practice of Sanskrit cherished by traditional yogis for thousands of years - as a technology for awakening and expanding your life force. Explore the real meaning of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads and Vedas. And learn the Sanskrit names of yoga poses and why they are named specifically as they are to actualize sonic alignment of the poses for your highest stimulation of pranic life force.


“Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful videos…its really a wonderful experience. The efforts put in gaining such an in-depth knowledge of Sanskrit- Yoga-Vedas is really commendable. But the noteworthy element is the objective of sharing such an invaluable treasure of knowledge, it’s truly appreciable. Thanking you once again and wishing you all the very best.”~ M. Gajender

“Thank you very much for your emails and for the great videos! I love your lessons. You explain everything so clear and with so much feeling. Many greetings from Germany.”~ Marta L.

“Mam … You are blessed with Param Brahma: that is the reason .. you realized the unique power of Sanskrit ….Loka Smastha Sukhino Bhavanthu .. Hari Om.”~Suneesh N.

“Absolutely BRILLIANT! So wonderful to hear this teaching in relation to Yoga. Many blessings to you.”~Om Shanthi Lisa.

“I am a Tibetan Buddhist. I have a propensity for self-educating myself. My goal is omniscience/sarvajnata and my greatest desire is to become a mahapandita. I believe Sanskrit is the most refined language and that it is important for my spiritual quest.”~Benjamin B.

“I love them! Your sense of humor is wonderful and your true joy toward the subject matter is infectious. I have watched through session 4 and will get back to them soon.Please keep the emails coming. I enjoy how they make me think!”~Cathy T.

“Your instructions are very clear. What swept me away was hearing you recite the Ganesha invocation and your introduction. This is the first time I have felt confident of putting Sanskrit into my brain properly. I am so fortunate to have found you.”~Dr. Jonn M., Australia

“Actually, I’ve just finished watching the videos and began reading the book. I’m really, really inspired to actually begin learning Sanskrit… and begin chanting in Sanskrit!”~ Nicolas G.

“I am amazed!”~ Lucky Sharma.

“Mam, I am so amazed by your teaching techniques that I really got emotional. I am an Ayurvedic doctor but our sanskrit study was only limited for one year which left an unfulfilled space within. I congratulate you on your flawless pronunciation and devotion.”~ Gauhar V.

“I could never thank you enough for your kindness to me and to the rest of the world for publishing this book for free, thus making it an invaluable gift of your very heart to the cause of true freedom.  I wish you great success” ~ Rafael G.

“I was absolutely MOVED to tears this morning while listening to your brief videos regarding Sanskrit and I thought to myself, BOY AM I FORTUNATE to have “stumbled” onto this gift!!! I can feel so deeply my connection to a life closely interconnected to yoga and sanskrit and all of what you said just came across to me and through me so effortlessly. I just wanted to email you and say to you that I love you for the work/dedication/and gift that you offered me today and for what you continue to do. [...] SO thank you again, oh and the background music for your videos was absolutely enchanting, also part of the reason I kept replaying the videos :) . Would you mind telling me how I can get my hands on that music? ” ~SaMaa C.

“Thank You for posting these videos on Sanskrit. They are so Informative!” ~Yogatogo (from YouTube)

“Thanks, I love these videos!”~ Vimala N., Singapore

“Have enjoyed so much your Sanskrit teaching and like to continue the course”~ Joice van D., Netherlands

“Thanks so much for this wonderful resource. I am going to share it with my teacher trainers!” ~ Elizabeth V., Hooksett, NH

“Wonderful, wonderful presentation.” ~ Karin K., Holden, MA

“I loved it. I would love to see more of this course. And would be willing to pay for it. I would love to see a package with even more of these classes, teaching the alphabet and all the necessary basics of this wonderful language. Thank you for making this.” ~ Aisha

“Thank you for these wonderful videos. Priceless!! I would love to see videos of you teaching Sanskrit starting from the vowels!!” ~ Ananth

“Excellent. May I have more of these courses for the remaining alphabets? To these days, I was self-studying the Sidhham from the some of the Taiwan sites, exactly, the Buddha Incantation and Mantras. But I found some difficult to pronunciation…Thank you very much” ~ ChengHai Yang

“Thank you! That was perfect timing for me as I am supposed to be learning the names of all my yoga poses as part of my Ashtanga yoga practice. Though, my favorite part of the class is the beginning and ending chant! The videos were very nicely done too.” ~ Carla D., Toronto, Ontario CANADA

“Thank you so much for sharing some of your wisdom around chanting, sanskrit, mantras and yoga. It was wonderful to get a deeper insight into how powerful and important sound, feeling and pronunciation make all the difference in what is gained from this practice, beautiful. It makes sense as I attended a workshop on meditation a year ago or so and found I had the most powerful and profound shift in energy, so much heat and energy moving through my heart centre, such a deep feeling of love and healing just from chanting some sort of sanskrit words at the time. I look forward to learning more. Many blessings and love.”  ~ Marina

“You explain beautifully and I saw lesson 2. And yes, Samskrita (Indian) is the real name of Sanskrit. Great vids!” ~ Jagadish, India

“Lovely, Great! Please continue with this inspirational series here.”~ Umatili

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