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– The Yoga of Unbounded Silence

Yoga is not only a practice for the body, but it’s healing for the emotions and mind as well. The higher limbs of Yoga that Patanjali describes in his Yoga Sutras have to do with cultivating Yoga as an internal practice or meditation.

The original intention for the physical postures of Yoga was to prepare the body for Meditation. The practice of Meditation, however, has become difficult to understand and extremely confusing given that the word "meditation" is commonly used to refer to just about anything you can think of.

It's not at all surprising to see how confusing the prospect of learning to meditate can seem to a beginner or to someone just getting interested in the topic.

At Shruti Institute, we believe meditation should be easy to understand, and completely effortless to practice. In fact, it should be so simple to do that anyone would be able to do it, simply because it's a natural response within all of our mind-body systems.

But, that doesn't mean we all spontaneously just know what to do. That's why we offer a range of programs starting with beginner level courses and continuing up to advanced mastery level programs.

Beginning Meditation Courses

Vedic Meditation: The Blissful Wave Technique

meditationLearn a personal effortless meditation practice that releases fatigue, toxins and stress while revitalizing your mind and body.

This meditation is our most popular program because it really works and it's simple to learn and practice no matter your age - from 10 to 100+ years.

Through the technology of Sanskrit mantra initiation and personal instruction this profound and ancient practice, based on a Vedic tradition of meditation masters, reveals:

  • the nature of body, breath and mind
  • foundations of naturalness and effortlessness
  • obstacles to correct effortless meditation
  • mechanics of meditation and the fourth state of consciousness - turiya
  • consciousness and the nervous system ... and much more!

The course explains skills for dealing with thoughts, restlessness, boredom, and doubt in your practice. It provides a background for clearly understanding different types of meditations from across traditions, while providing a direct experience and understanding of the beneficial physiological, psychological and spiritual affects that come from establishing a daily meditation practice.

“I feel like I have come home, this is where I belong...now I can finally rest.”

~ D.C., 20+yr Buddhist practitioner, now Blissful Wave Technique Meditation Student, Broomfield, CO

“The meditations have been awesome! Iíve been experiencing these intense love waves. Itís the same feeling as when youíre falling in love. Iíve really been looking forward to my meditation timesÖ to just sit down and fall in love for 20 minutes! Then that vibration emanates out from the heart, like that sonic boom EM pulse thing in the Matrix movies.”

~ M.L., Blissful Wave Technique Meditation Student, Colorado Springs, CO

“I really enjoy this technique and am so excited to practice twice a day. I would love to do a 40-day time for this. Thank you so much.”

~ H.P., Blissful Wave Technique Meditation Student, Orange County, CA

“Just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you that we are still meditating.  We both have found it to be so calming and centering during this busy time of year. While it's helpful to have someone else close by to keep us committed to daily meditation, individually we are gaining so much benefit from it that we would be committed no matter what. Thank you so much for sharing this meditation technique with us and with others!”

~ C.S. & L.R., Blissful Wave Technique Meditation Students, Broomfield, CO

“Just wanted to thank you again, Jeff for the great class this weekend. I really think it will be the inspiration and vehicle I needed to meditate regularly and know that I am doing it correctly. Same for my husband...he is really devoted to it, and all of your advice and explanation of the process really made so much sense of it.”

~ C.K., Blissful Wave Technique Meditation Student, Colorado Springs, CO

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