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Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) Self Development
Highest Life Purpose Consultation and Mentoring

vedic astrologyEach of us was born to enjoy our life to its fullest. Yet often we find ourselves bound to physical and emotional patterns that keep us either regretting the past or worrying about the future.

Jyotisha is the ancient system of Vedic astrology that provides you with the precious gift of perspective. There’s no higher blessing than knowing who you are as a unique individual, what you came here to do, and how best you can live your life and influence those around you for the better.

A Jyotisha consultation with Dr. Katyayani Poole offers compassionate guidance to help you:

  • gain insight into your highest purpose in life
  • solve repetitive problems in relationships
  • discover your unique talents, gifts, and blessings
  • create strategies for fulfilling your unique material and spiritual destiny
  • choose the right time and right location for the right action

“...is perhaps the most empowering thing to walk away with from a Jyotisha session. When someone can confirm your cosmic design, then you no longer have to think or worry that things should be other than they are. This session was very clarifying, supportive, and inspirational. It reaffirmed my inner truth, so that now I can get back down to business....living it. Thank you! ”

~Jeremy W., Denver, CO

“Dr. Katy was wonderful to work with. She helped bring clarity and insight to questions I've been pondering and gave me important guidance on the unfolding of my chart. Especially helpful were her explanations of the nakshatras and how they relate to my dharmic path. Thank you for a very enlightening experience! ”

~R.J., Fresno, CA

“Thorough feedback that makes perfect sense and is an inspiration as I move forward on my path. Dr. Poole was able to articulate aspects of my personality that I've never been able to explain before. She was a delight to speak with. Thank you! ”

~Maya, Boulder, CO

“This was my second reading with Katyayani and this time, even more so than the first time I was blown away by her insights, wisdom, and immense knowledge of the Hindu Archetypes, Dieties, history, and tradition. As an astrologer myself I feel that Katyayani (Dr Poole) is one of the best Vedic Astrologers in the world, and a world class human being as well.”

~Rundy Duphiney, Spiritual Teacher, Mt. Shasta, CA

vedic astrology - mentoring, coaching

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Birth Chart Consultation

If you’ve never had a Jyotisha consultation with Dr. Katyayani, we recommend you start with this reading.

In this 60-minute session, you’ll gain perspective on your life from birth to the present. It answers the questions unique to your life with respect to the direction and destiny of your soul. It offers practical advice to help you overcome recurring obstacles that are impeding the natural flow of happiness, health, wealth, and peace of mind in your life.

(Note: While this consultation covers your life as a whole, you’ll also be able to tailor your reading to address present concerns.)

Each session is digitally recorded as an MP3 file and sent to you via secure email following your session, enabling you to re-listen to your session at any time.

Required Information: Birth Data (month, day, and year of birth; location – city, state, and country; exact time

Yearly Progression/Specific Issue Consultation

This is a great “check up” if you’d already had a natal reading with Dr. Katyayani and you’d like to see what potential the year holds for you and how best to use it. It’s also an opportunity to delve more deeply into a specific issue of concern in your life – changing jobs, entering a relationship, pursuing a new direction, etc.

These readings are great to schedule around your birthday as a special treat for yourself! These sessions are 60-minutes in length and like the Natal sessions are digitally recorded as MP3 files and securely emailed to you following the session for your later listening pleasure.

Required Information: Birth Data (month, day, and year of birth; location – city, state, and country; exact time

Child’s Chart Consultation (for Parents)

This reading is especially designed for parents to help understand and guide their children according to their best abilities and potential.

It follows the same format as the Birth Chart Consultation.

Required Information: Required Information: Child’s Birth Data (month, day, and year of birth; location – city, state, and country; exact time)

Scheduling Jyotisha Readings And Payment

All Jyotisha Readings include birth chart research and a digital recording of the session in MP3 format delivered via email as a downloadable audio file link (an additional $15 is assessed for audios on CDs to cover manufacturing, shipping and handling). Make an Online Appointment

A major credit card or bank debit card is required to make and hold appointments, however, your card will not be charged until your session has been completed. Because of high demand for session appointment availability, 48-hours prior notice is required for cancellations to allow for rescheduling vacated time slots and to avoid cancellation fees.

Missed or no-show appointments without prior cancellation or notification, will be charged a cancellation fee equal to the session fee. Please do not mail checks to Shruti Inc. prior to appointments.


A Jyotisha mentoring session with Dr. Katyayani Poole offers an in-depth opportunity to work with her over an extended period of time up to one year. These programs are geared toward producing major change in your life.

Life Insight Jyotisha Mentoring™ Program

For many of you who’ve experienced the great light of Jyotisha by having your birth chart read by Dr. Poole, you know its power to offer healing, comfort and direction to your life. Because of this, many clients have requested a personal mentoring program designed to individually guide them over a longer period of time:

  • To identify your highest life’s purpose;
  • To perceive your real sense of self-value;
  • To align your thoughts and actions with your deepest felt desires; and
  • To be free and happy no matter what life throws at you.

To best meet the needs of a wide variety of clients, we have structured three levels of mentoring within the program that address varying degrees of intensity matched to each clients interests. Below are short descriptions of each level describing their differences and application:

  • Silver Level MentoringSILVER LEVEL; FULL & NEW MOON JYOTISHA TELECONFERENCES - Live Monthly teleconference sessions concerning the effects of the Full Moon on life with Dr. Poole
    • Designed to serve a broad group of clients who’d like the benefits of monthly guidance and insight, but are working with budget, commitment, and time constraints.
    • Every Full Moon for an entire year Dr. Poole leads group teleconferences on various topics related to the energetic influence of the Moon, its constellation, and specific star(s) it’s connected to.
  • Silver Level MentoringGOLD LEVEL - Exclusive, 12-month, one-on-one intensive guidance with Dr. Poole
    • 12 Monthly 90-minute (1½ hour) meetings, during which Dr. Poole will create a tailored program guaranteed to provide you with an exceptional opportunity for growth, expansion, self-knowledge, and healing according to your individual natal chart.
    • You'll look at each of the 12 houses of your natal chart, understand the special significance of the placement of planets and stars in these locations to your life, the obstacles you sometimes face, as well as their solutions.
  • Silver Level MentoringPLATINUM LEVEL - VIP exclusivity, 6 or 12-month timeframe, one-on-one intensive guidance, sessions are conducted twice monthly with Dr. Katyayani Poole, Ph.D.
    • Provides an opportunity for clients who desire a more intimate, intensive, and focused program of personal progress.
    • At the start of the program, you are required to complete a detailed questionnaire describing the specific goals you most desire to accomplish, obstacles you most wish to overcome, the healing you’d like to achieve, etc.
    • Dr. Poole designs a program uniquely tailored to your natal chart and the special opportunities indicated by the year ahead in alignment with your specific goals.

Required Information: Birth Data (month, day, and year of birth; location – city, state, and country; exact time). This program is usually entered into after an initial Jyotisha session with Dr. Katyayani Poole.

These sessions are all digitally recorded and provided to you in MP3 format as secure digital downloads for your ability to re-listen to them at any time.

vedic astrology - mentoring, coaching

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Learn More or Apply for the Platinum Level Mentoring Program


I love this deep immersion into the vedic astrology with Dr. Katyayani Poole. It has been incredibly insightful and deeply revealing to my purpose here as yogini. Katy is intuitive readings bring me a sense of clarity and direction to stepping into my truth and ultimately my dharma.

~Alison L., Yoga Teacher, Boulder, CO

I spoke with my sister and I really do believe that your reading has created a huge force for positive change in her life. She sounded completely vibrant and excited when we spoke on the phone. Thank you for bringing radiance into my sister’s life!”

~Stuart R., Yoga Teacher, Phoenix, AZ

“Every time I speak with Katyayani I am inspired to live my life more fully. I gain tremendous insight into my life and the subtle nuances that make all the difference in how I approach my place in the world.”

~ Jenny G., Psychologist, Denver, CO ~

“This was my second reading with Katyayani. She offers positive insight that both strengthens and inspires. Being able to understand and accept the larger patterns at work in our lives gives us the freedom to be who we really are!”

~ Christie H., Teacher at a Private School for the Arts, Idyllwild, CA ~

I have now been working with Dr. Katyayani Poole for about 12 months. I have found this program so enriching. Her insight into my life and path are incredibly helpful. I find the accuracy mind boggling! I feel that through this work with her I can achieve my highest potential to live the best and happiest life God has intended for me.

For many years I worked with a very wise and spiritual therapist. I now find my monthly sessions with Dr. Katyayani even more to the point, because of all the accuracy and knowledge that the Jyotisha contains. Her intuition and take on life & the world are also such an amazing gift. There are so many things that she knows about my life without a word from me because it’s all in the chart. Her ability to read the information comes from such an elevated and magical place.

Each month as we go house by house, besides learning all of the intricacies of my life I am also learning a bit about this amazing system! What an amazing gift she is in my life.

~ Nan M., Artist & Home Design Consultant, Malibu, CA ~

“I am truly in awe of my work in both classes and Jyotisha mentoring with Katyayani. I now better understand what my life's purpose truly is and as a result feel more confident about my work and contribution to this world. Katyayani's skillful understanding of Vedic Astrology as well as her mastery of Sanskrit studies is a gift I am constantly wanting others to experience. I’m so grateful.”

~ Jeanie M., Yoga Teacher, Boulder, CO ~

vedic astrology - mentoring, coaching

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